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artist Audrey TaylorI'm Audrey Taylor, graphic designer and owner of Wildfire Metal. My metal art has grown from simple flowers to a variety of flowers, whimsical bugs, animals, and unique wall art. Each Wildfire Metal piece is uniquely designed and created from recycled metal using a plasma cutter. I'm inspired by nature and challenged by the process of creating art with discarded metal. You'll find me at local art & craft shows when I'm not busy designing, cutting, and welding.

Wildfire Metal Creations

Currently selling locally, at craft shows, at Englewood Florist (923 N 2nd St, Lawrence, KS), and now at Vinland Valley Nursery (1606 N 600 Rd, Baldwin City, KS). Each piece is hand crafted from recycled scrap metal and unique. Colors and size may vary from what's shown as I'm constantly creating and selling.

Email audrey@wildfiremetal.com for information about current availability and local delivery.

The sunflowers, large, and small flowers can be mounted on a fence or come with a metal rebar post to be moved around the garden. The extra large flowers come with a heavier rebar post.

mini metal flowers

Mini Whimsical Flowers

$20 each

The mini flowers have a whimsical feel and look fantastic in pots or scattered in the garden. They are 5-7" wide and about 18" tall.

mini metal flowers

Mini Gerbera Flowers

$20 each

The mini gerberas come in a variety of colors and look fantastic in pots or scattered in the garden. They are 5-6" wide and welded to a 12" metal rod.

extra large metal flowers

XL Flowers

$140 each

The extra large flowers are a colorful version of the mini gerberas. They are about 22" wide and come with a 4' heavy rebar post.

metal sunflower


$60 small
$75 large

Sunflowers have yellow petals with corrogated metal behind. They come in 2 sizes; small about 20" wide, and large about 24" wide.

large metal flower

Large Flower


The large flowers are 20"-23" wide and have two layers of outer petals with a variety of center colors or patina. It is best to have them somewhat shelted to withstand Kansas winds.

small metal flower

Small Flower

customer favorite

The small flowers are 14"- 16" wide. They come in a wide assortment of colored centers, either painted or original patina, with outer petals of currogated metal.

metal butterflies



Butterflies come in assorted colors, about 20" wide and are welded to a 3' post.

metal dragonflies



There's an almost irredescent color to them; about 20" wide, welded to a 2' post.

metal ladybug



About 10" wide, welded to a 2' post.

metal bumble bee

Bumble Bee

$45 each

About 14" wide, welded to a 2' post.

metal goat wall hanging



This customer favorite is a wall hanging, about 15" x 19".

metal pig wall hanging



This customer favorite is a wall hanging, about 15" x 19".

metal owl wall hanging



The owls come in a variety of colors.

metal wall art with sunflower and dragonfly

Sunflower & Dragonfly
barrel lid


Each barrel lid is hand sketched, cut, then spray painted. They are unique and 23" wide.

whimsical wall art

Whimsical Wall Art


These one of a kind whimsical pieces are sure to brighten your space.

stylized flower wall art

Wall Art


These one of a kind art pieces come in various sizes and styles.

metal cross with sunflower wall hanging

Cross with Sunflower


The crosses come in an assortment of centers and cut outs.

barbwire wreath with sunflowers wall hanging

Barbwire Wreath


At about 41" wide this would be great above a fireplace.
33" available for $120.

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